Our Review Policy and Point Scale

By: Jeff Rivera

Our Review Policy and Point Scale

Reviewing a game is both the most rewarding and also the hardest aspect of being a gaming industry journalist. You have a responsiblity to inform your readers about the pros and cons of the game you're reviewing, which requires subjectivity, but you also have to be objective in your criticisms to some degree. Our philosophy is that the reviewer should give their honest opinion of the game. We hope that readers undrerstand that they might not always agree with our review, but that our review is still an sincere one. Also, each review is the opinion of the reviewer and not necessarily the general consesus of our staff. We do stand by our reviewer's opinions 100%, however.

Our scoring system is meant to be simple. We grade games on a 5 star rating, with no half stars possible. We want each star awarded or deducted to be meaningful, and we don't want people quibbling over .1 of a point or anything silly like that. Our 5 stars break down like this:

1 star review

1 Star out of 5 - A game that receives 1 star is considered Poor. Games like this have serious problems with gameplay execution or game breaking technical issues. A game that receives a single star rating would not be recommended under any circumstances. 

2 star review

2 Stars out of 5 - A 2 star game is a game that has some merits, but it fails to stand out in any meaningful way. It might have some technical issues and/or poor gameplay, but there are some people who may enjoy it under the right circumstances. We'd typically recommend a person wait to get a 2 star game either used or at a discount. These games are Average or Below Average depending on their specific issues.

3 star review

3 Stars out of 5 - Our 3 star rating is reserved for games that happen to be Good, but fall short of great in one or more ways. A 3 star game is going to have solid gameplay mechanics, is technically sound, and will be enjoyed by most people unless they dislike the game's particular genre. We consider 3 star games to be recommended, but with some reservation.

4 star review

4 Stars out of 5 - Games that receive a 4 star rating are considered Very Good games. These are the games that offer great gameplay, are technically sound, and bring something unique to the table or they noticeably improve on a common trope. We'd recommend 4 star games with almost no reservation.

5 star review

5 Stars out of 5 - Quite simply put, these are Excellent games. They may not be flawless, but they're a safe recommendation to anybody who enjoys video games.

We're not afraid to use the full 5 point scale, so please read our reviews to find out how we justify our scores awarded. We hope that you'll value our reviews for their words more than the numerical value we attach to them.

Thanks for reading Gamer Theory.

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